2019 American Music Awards Recap

From an off key performance by Selena Gomez, to Lizzo rocking a tiny purse for a big girl, this year's
American Music Awards took a new turn. On Sunday night, the Los Angeles Microsoft theater
was filled with the biggest stars of our time, and Ciara took the stage as the host for this year's show. The
singer took a more laid back approach when it came to her style of hosting which was actually favored by
viewers compared to the usual in your face approach by other hosts. The fashion on this year's red
carpet showed fans that celebrities did not come to play, with some stepping on necks, dressed in their best
looks, and others making us hide in terror with their questionable fits. Lizzo's teeny tiny purse was definitely
one of the most highlighted fashion pieces of the night. The singer went to Instagram to post a photo with
the purse, captioning it, "bag big enough for my f***s to give." Ah, how Lizzo of her.

Another big highlight of the night was Taylor Swift being honored as artist of the decade. She also made
history by being the artist with the most AMA wins, totaling in 26. Swift gave a heartfelt speech that was
of course adored by her fans; however, we all know that Drake should've won that award
(no shade, no shade). Anyways, the night continued with more high energy performances and lots of
debuts by artists who brought some of their new work to the stage. Others rocked the night with some of
their classics, such as Toni Braxton with her timeless performance of "Unbreak My Heart" which showed
that black really doesn't crack. Looks like next year's AMAs have a lot to live up to.

-Kayla Smith
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