George Michael's Heavenly Release

 George Micheal definitely knew his fans were praying for a time that they would be able to jam to another one of his songs. Well, the time has come. Three years after his death, fans have been blessed with a new hit from the singer-songwriter. “This Is How (We Want You to Get High)” was a previously unreleased song Micheal started working on in 2012. It will be in the new romantic comedy Last Christmas that was inspired by the Wham! Christmas tune under the same name.

This upbeat, pop groove reminds fans of why they started loving George in the first place. The song released to the public just two days before the release of the actual movie which has people even more hyped considering that the movie is also filled with classics from Wham! and Micheal himself. With the three year anniversary of Micheal’s death coming up this Christmas, this song will hopefully heal the pain that fans feel over the death of their beloved singer. So, will this be the new anthem for the winter time that will have people rocking around the Christmas tree all season long?

-Kayla Smith

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