Kanye West is a Gospel Artist Now?

Well, looks like we lost Kanye...AGAIN. On Sunday, Kanye West appeared at Joel Osteen's megachurch in Houston, Texas to perform his Sunday Service. The service was definitely filled with lots of outlandish statements by Kanye that have people all over just surprised that he's gotten this far with his new "gospel career." The performance went on for over two hours with his choir, a.k.a his gospel entourage, there to back him up. The crowd was filled in the megachurch to watch this performance and frankly, we don't understand if these people were actually taking him seriously, or just wanted to be witnesses to the foolery.

West and Osteen seem to be buddy buddy now after the rapper and pastor had an in depth conversation on stage about God and their faith. However, Kanye can never stay away from his craziness for too long. Just when people thought that he was snapping back to reality, here Kanye goes with comments that it seems only Kanye understands. Some comments of the night include him saying "the devil stole all of the good artists" and claiming that he's "the greatest artist that God has ever created", but are we really surprised with this one considering that he does call himself Yeezus? Overall, the night was basically a mini concert for Kanye with Osteen intervening at certain points to try to bring it back. West even tried to turn songs like SWV's "Weak" and Destiny Child's "Say My Name" into a spiritual song. At this point, this new path for Kanye is a joke.
Oh, by the way, look out for Kanye's new opera debuting on Nov. 23.
-Kayla Smith

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