Pixar Gains Some Soul

Pixar recently added some Soul to their lineup of  main characters as the trailer for the new movie, “Soul”, was released this past week. After years of movies filled with characters ranging from monsters to rats, they are finally hopping on the “inclusion” bandwagon by putting a black character to the forefront. This will be a major move for Pixar considering that it will be their first black-led animated movie. With the film featuring the voices of actors such as Jamie Foxx, Phylicia Rashad and Questlove, this will hopefully be a change for the face and voice or Pixar. 

The movie follows a middle school music teacher who has hopes of a life of performing  jazz until one day, he falls down a manhole and his soul is separated from his body. During this, he goes through a journey to find out what the true meaning of life is. However, will this movie be a bit much for their intended audience to grasp? Viewers will have to find out after the  release of the movie on June 19, 2020. The real question is, are Pixar and their fans ready for some added color to their screens? 

Soul Official Trailer

-Kayla Smith
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