"The Little Mermaid Live!": Fun or Flop?

The recent ABC premiere of “The Little Mermaid Live!” was met with extremely mixed reviews from not only the public but critics as well.  For one, it wasn't even a full musical. It was half movie and have live action. It was, to say the least, a bit disappointing. However, the biggest thing that seemed to get people’s attention was not the show but the costumes. They were… quite interesting to say the least. The two that seemed to get under everyone’s skin were Shaggy as Sebastian and the Flounder puppet. The jokes about Shaggy seemed to stretch for miles.
            While Shaggy seemed pretty bad, Flounder was legitimately pretty creepy looking. He was a thing of nightmares. 
            However, not everything was bad costumes and puppets.  Even though it was not a full musical, some of the actors involved did a great job, especially Ursula, played by Queen Latifah. She gave us bawdy, ferocity, and face throughout her entire performance. Her singing was incredible, and she wowed everyone who stayed tuned. 
          But was Queen Latifah enough to save the musical? No, she was not. Ariel, played by Auli’i Cravalho, wasn't exactly a crowd pleaser, and if the main star isn't good, is the show good? For this show, the star definitely couldn't save it, and neither could anything else for that matter. All and all, “The Little Mermaid Live!” was definitely a flop, but it had some fun moment squeezed in.
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