T.I. Gets in Trouble

Rapper T.I. recently made some headlines with his declaration that he takes his daughter to the gynecologist every birthday to see if her hymen is still intact. This was a comment that made the whole Internet big mad. Everyone was ready to rip T.I. apart. He claimed that people misconstrued his intentions, but many struggled to see how they were not just controlling towards his daughter.. Jada Pinkett Smith wanted to bring him on her talk show to set the record straight and see what he really meant. Pinkett Smith gave him a masterclass on being a woman in a man’s world, showing him why his actions were wrong. She taught him about the patriarchy, saying “It is structured by the views and the outlook of men, and it tends to often be oppressive to the feminine journey.” While T.I. has apologized to his daughter, she has unfollowed him and other family members on social media. This story is just another example of why men don’t really understand the feminine experience. Maybe they should take a walk in feminine shoes to understand our plights before enforcing their rule.

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