Twitter Has Had Enough with the Reoccuring Betty White Death Hoax

Once again, Betty White has made it to the trending list on Twitter. “What exactly made Betty White trending on Twitter?” – you might ask yourself. Did she come out with a new show? Or a new project? No. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the umpteenth death hoax of legendary actress Betty White. 

Apparently, the media website Empire News published and released an article stating that Betty White "dyes peacefully in home at the age of 93". First off, we are not gonna just ignore the fact that "dye" was used instead of "die". Right off the bat, suspicions grew of the article being misleading. Many fans took to social media, especially Twitter, to express their anger and exhaustion with what seems to be a tiresome, twisted annual tradition. Famous Australian Journalist and Reporter Antoinette Lattouf went to Twitter to address the spelling mishap, tweeting "Is she tie-dying a blouse? If you're going to try to misleadingly kill off legend Betty White, learn to spell mate. #BettyWhite #FakeNews". There are numerous other tweets that display annoyance of this reoccurring hoax. Also, the fact the article says that Betty White was 93 shows that this is also an old article, but it is circulating again all over the web. Betty White is now 97 years old. 

How do these death hoaxes even come about? Back in 2007, a death hoax of Comedian Sinbad was circulating like wildfire. Although I was 7 years old at the time, I certainly remember that event due to my parents being puzzled by it. Before his tragic death earlier this year, actor Cameron Boyce was a victim of a death hoax, and it broke my Disney Channel heart into a million pieces. Many other celebs have been victims of death hoaxes over the years, such as Tom Hanks, Avril Lavigne, Michael J. Fox, Jackie Chan, and the list goes on, unfortunately. 

On the bright side, Ms. Betty White is alive and well at the wonderful age of 97. What's Betty White's secret to longevity? "Vodka and Hot Dogs", she joked. She also advised to enjoy life and accentuate the positive, not the negative. Don't go looking for something to complain about. 
Well, it sure seems like Betty White isn't letting these death hoaxes get to her, she's just basking in the positivity that life brings her way. Many people tend to believe this death hoax due her age, but it doesn't bother her one bit. In the words of Betty White, "I may be a senior, but so what? I'm still hot." 

- Nyle Paul

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