Meghan Markle Signs Voiceover Deal with Disney

Megan Markle reportedly has signed a voiceover project deal with Disney. United Kingdom newspaper The Times reports that Markle will be doing a voiceover for a upcoming Disney project that has yet to be specified. Markle agreed to the voice-over deal with Disney in exchange for a donation to the animal conservation charity organization "Elephants Without Borders".

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This occurred right after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced that they were stepping down as senior members of the royal family. Operation "Chase the Bag" has been activated! A resurfaced video from the premiere of The Lion King in London shows Prince Harry speaking with Disney CEO Bob Iger. The video went viral after the news first started to spread that Meghan landed a deal with Disney.

"You know she does voice-overs," Harry says in the video. "Oh, really", Iger responds. "Did you know that? You seem surprised", Harry states. Harry then gives Meghan a gesture to come towards him. He then states to Iger "She's really interested." Iger then replies stating that Disney would love to try future work with Meghan Markle.

Did Prince Harry land Markle a Disney voice-over deal? After connecting the dots, and it seems as though he did just that in the video. Talk about relationship goals! We stan.

-Nyle Paul

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