Seeing Double in Paris's Fashion Week!

This Paris Fashion Show was all about seeing double! The standout-ish fashion that stormed the runways of the Men's Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Show this past Friday night was not the only thing that caught people's eye. Some of the models that hit the runway looked like celebrity doppelgangers, and it certainty through the audience in a loop! Some of the most talked doppelgangers were Angelina Jolie's and Snoop Dogg's.

Image result for snoop dogg doppelganger paris fashion show
The picture above shows Snoop Dogg's doppelganger. Everything from the middle part ponytails to the loose-fitting clothes just matches Snoop Dogg.

Image result for snoop dogg doppelganger paris fashion show
Above is Angelina Jolie's almost-identical doppelganger, who has everything, from the cheek bones and the stricking facial features to the posture, down to a tee.

Other celebrities that had a doppelganger in this Paris Fashion Show included Naomi Campbell, Mike Tyson, Kate Moss, and Sahron Stone. If finding strickingly similar doppelgangers was a test ,this fashion show aced it!

-Nyle Paul
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