The Oscars Go Hostless

For the second year in a row, the Academy Awards will be going on without a host to headline it. This trend started after a series of unfortunate events occurred when Kevin Hart, who was supposed to be the host of the 2019 Oscars, stepped down because of controversial tweets that resurfaced. Since Hart stepped down so late in the game, two days before the Oscars to be exact, the show still had to go on. Surprisingly, the Oscars that year got the some of the best ratings without a host. Other award shows tried to hop on the no host wave after they saw the success with the Oscars, but had opposite results, with their ratings flopping. This year, the Academy will be continuing this accidental new tradition.

This will be a year of trial and error through including more star studded performances and hopes of big "moments" that the viewers will like. They also are looking to use a bunch of what they call "not hosts" to keep everyone entertained. This should be interesting considering that they are betting on aspects that are really out of their control. With the show date of February 9 quickly approaching, Oscars producers can only sit back, cross their fingers, and hope for the same high ratings as last year.

-Kayla Smith
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