Calling All Binge Watchers

Netflix Addicts Hold Your Seats                                                      
Amani Madyun
Bring out the popcorn and snacks, binge-watching is in full effect! Netflix has announced what’s new to come in their streaming library for the upcoming weeks. No more re-watching shows, it’s time to get with the program! There will be a plethora of new movies and t.v shows uploaded that we all know and love! Fan favorites like Sex in the City 2, Altered Carbon Season 2, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2, and that’s just the beginning!
The streaming library will include sci-fi, thrillers, action, and even romance movies and T.V shows for those spending Valentine’s Day on the couch.  Figuring out what to watch will be a task, but who doesn’t love options?!
To find out more about the shows Netflix is offering visit Netflix or the link below.

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