From HU to H&M

Costume Designer and Hampton University alumna, Ruth E. Carter, is taking her talents to the world of retail to create  her very first fashion line with H&M. She took everyone by storm with her intricate and detailed costumes used in the film Black Panther, but now it's time to bring her designs closer to home.  

Carter's new line titled "Ruthless" is made up of 11 pieces that embody being independent and culture driven, infused with a 90's Do The Right Thing vibe that takes her back to her early beginnings in costume design. By incorporating the colors red, black and green, which are also the colors found on the liberation flag, Carter is keeping that Wakanda forever energy that represents her feelings of being black and strong. Many different words and phrases such as "Truth", "Trust Your Voice" and even a quote by Carter herself cover the fabric of different pieces in her line.  

This line is a big step for not just Carter, but also for the world of fashion. Carter hopes to make "Ruthless" a trailblazing clothing line that changes the narrative. For her, this line is more than fashion, it is a statement. 

-Kayla Smith
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