Inside Stormi World: 2 Is Better Than 1

Ayanna Maxwell 

What happened to Chuck-E-Cheese birthday parties with pizza and ice cream cake? For Stormi’s second birthday, Kylie has truly set the bar for every birthday party to come.

Like last year, the theme for the extravaganza was StormiWorld; but this time, Kylie showed us why “2 is Better Than 1.” The entrance to the party was a massive inflatable Stormi head, mimicking her dad Travis Scott’s album cover for AstroWorld. After making it through an enchanted forest-themed walkway, guests were greeted by StormiWorld “employees” who distributed maps of the landscape (yes, like at Six Flags). Have you ever needed a map to navigate a birthday party? Yeah, me neither. 

There were three different “worlds” for guests to venture through: FrozenWorld, TrollzWorld, and of course, StormiWorld. In TrollzWorld, you could find drummers, dancers, mushroom-themed chairs, a huge Trollz tree, and Trollz-- Poppy and Branch to be specific. FrozenWorld was exactly what it sounds like-- a world of icicles, ice-sculptured furniture, a snowman-building station, and a life-sized Elsa and Olaf. StormiWorld, on the other hand, was a literal amusement park. Packed with Dumbo-themed rides, roller coasters, professional jugglers, fairies on stilts, “StormiWorld” merchandise, a taco stand, an S-shaped ball pit, and a claw crane machine filled with plush Stormi heads, StormiWorld definitely took the cake. Speaking of cake, did I mention the cake topper was a Stormi head with a lit-up rainbow slide shooting out of it?

Oh yeah, and all of this follows another party that Kylie threw for Stormi the previous week. The butterfly-themed fiesta kicked off Stormi’s birthday celebration along with the launch of Kylie’s Stormi Collection, which was released on February 1st, 2020. With both parties costing God knows how much, it’s safe to say 2 is definitely better than 1. 

P.S. Somebody tell Kylie I think she forgot my name on the guest list this year; but it’s okay, I forgive her!

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