Kehlani and YG Drop New Valentine’s Day Single, But Is There Trouble In Paradise?

Relationships go through their ups and downs, and this is no less true for celebrities than for the rest of us. Kehlani and YG came out officially as a couple in September and they broke up in late 2019. Despite this, YG seems to have made an attempt to bounce back, with a new track called “Konclusions” that dropped on Valentine’s Day. The track is a surprising mix of vocals, with YG serving the verses while Kehlani only sings the chorus. 

The “Go Loko” rapper delivers vulnerable bars, with lines like “Do you f*** with me how I f*** with you?” and “Ayy, I wanna know if this is mutual '', showing a rarely seen side of YG, where he seemingly wants to figure out the disconnect between him and his significant other. 

He also addresses and clears up a supposed scene outside an L.A. club on October 31st, where YG was supposedly trying to mack with another woman, rapping “I had us lookin' crazy in front of the club, that cameraman got me f***** up, even though it wasn't what they said it was, red roses down your hallway, lead you to your tub”, showing his sorrow and desire to make things right between him and Kehlani. He’s publicly denied any infidelity from that time period.

Although all this effort was put in by YG to make things right, Kehlani doesn’t seem to be buying it. Kehlani dropped a song of her own on Sunday night titled “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)”, in which she disses a former flame and shares all about her discontentment in the relationship with said person. She also interacted with fans on Twitter who addressed YG’s song and behavior, with many of her followers urging her to move on.

Oh….and she also said this to reinforce her feelings expressed through the song. We hope that they both stay strong and "stay dangerous" through this rough patch! 

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