Oscar’s 2020 Top 5 Moments

Amani Madyun

Here we thought the Grammy’s of 2020 was a special event, but the Oscar’s raised the bar even higher. This is the 92nd Academy Awards. The best of the best come out to celebrate some of the top-rated films and productions. With so many moments in such a little time, it would only make sense to highlight the most memorable moments of the night.

Here are the top 5 moments of the Oscar’s of 2020. 
    This year the opening act was none other than Janelle Monae. Her performance started with her dressed as the old television sitcom actor, Mr. Rogers. Stakes were high from the start! As the performance went on, American performer, Billy Porter joined her on stage. Both of them, full of life and happiness, woke up the crowd. This was the start of the Oscar’s. 

 As performances were performed and awards were being accepted, Karen Rupert Toliver and Matthew A. Cherry, won their first award for their animated short film, Hair Love. The short film highlighted the daily struggles of being a black girl with natural hair. The pulling and tugging on the hair, this film showed it all. The room lit up as their names were called for them to accept their awards. After hard work and dedication, Toliver and Cherry expressed how grateful they were to be selected. 

     There’s always those awkward moments where the announcers try to keep the crowd moving with witty jokes and inside jokes. Comedians, Maya Roudolph and Kristen Wiig, came on stage with a purpose. They made it very clear that they were “upset,” not literally, but they thought it was the perfect time to showcase their “acting” and “singing” skills to all the directors in the crowd as they announced awards. They had the room in their hands, laughs grew louder as they dramatized how actors and singers are. This was definitely a moment to remember. 

    Don’t ever say nothing rhymes with orange. For some, rapping is just a hobby, but to others it’s a lifestyle. As the beat set in, it started to sound familiar. The old hit beat was popular in the early 2000s and featured in the movie 8 Ball. If this doesn’t ring a bell, you’re losing yourself. Eminem made his way on the stage and performed his hit song “Lose Yourself.” This caught viewers off guard. The rapper performed the song as if time reversed to 2002.  

    We had to end the top moments somewhere, but that doesn’t make this one any less than the others. British actress and singer, Cynthia Erivo, from the movie Harriet, sent chills through the room as she sang to the audience. The high notes were breath-taking as she reached them with ease. Erivo had the crowd in her hands with her free-flowing voice.

There were several top moments during the Oscar’s; so many talented people in one room, sharing an incredible experience together. Until next year. 

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