Oscar's Slays and Nays

Kadence Perkins

The Oscar's awards show is the perfect setting for our favorite actors and celebrities to pop out and show off their best outfits. In years past, we've seen these high-profile figures attempting to out-dress one another at any cost. This year, however, a bit of a more socially conscious theme seemed to be setting in, and one might even say that points were made at the cost of fashion. We'll let you decide—here are our top slays and nays of the 2020 Oscar's.


Slay: Billie Eilish

You could say that the 18-year old singer was one of the hottest topics of the night. If it wasn’t already for her lending the Dolby Theatre her somber vocals for the “In Memoriam” segment, it was likely for her facial expressions during Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig’s presentation for Best Costume Design. But before any of that, Eilish came to the Oscars fully Chanel’d out, with her signature colored hair and black nails. Keep killing it, Billie.

Slay: Scarlett Johansson 

If looks could kill, Scarlett Johansson definitely would have earned her title as the Black Widow. With a very subtle fishnet bodice and a satin champagne gown, Johansson surely swept up glances from all who saw her enter the theatre. Besides just her fantastic and sleek choice of dress, Scarlett was also a double nominee. Congratulations to you, ScarJo.

Slay: Charlize Theron

Ms. Theron certainly left a murder scene at the already Red Carpet. The “Bombshell” star donned a beautiful Christian Dior Haute Couture black dress, which compensated for being monochromatic with its shoulder, carefully tailored bodice, and its well-placed slit. To accompany her dress, Theron wore an equally stunning diamond pendant. That black dress choice was anything BUT one-dimensional, Charlize Theron. Nice clean up. 

Slay: Regina King

To top off our list of slays, Regina King performed a more subtle flex than the rest of her peers. While choosing to wear a Versace-designed fitted pink gown with a flowing train, the main attraction at this amusement park was her Harry Winston jewelry, which according to MSN.com is worth over $500,000 altogether. She clearly felt the need to bring out her inner baller—and we completely understand, Ms. King.


Nay: Timothée Chalamet

There isn’t even too much to say about this one. We’re honestly disappointed at your apparel here, Timothée, especially because you’re known for dressing sharper than a knife. Maybe this year you thought “Wow, it’d be nice to be mistaken for a janitor this time.” Better luck next year, dude.

Nay: Billy Porter

We must admit that this is a rather strange outfit to be upset with, and there is almost certainly a need for nitpicking skills to find something wrong with it. Luckily, we have no shortage of that on this side. While the color of the dress’ bottom can be admired, the torso of the dress can be likened to a chicken breast with gold feathers on it. This certainly wasn’t the WORST dress, but it definitely was a let-down compared to his previous choices. Despite this even, we have no doubt in our minds he plucked the attention of all who looked in his direction. 

NAY: Aurora

And to finish off our Nays list, we thought Aurora would be a proper choice. There just isn’t much you can do to defend this Oscars outfit at all, unless the “Frozen 2” singer’s excuse was that she was running late from taekwondo practice. C’mon Aurora. Let it go.

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