Super Bowl Ads: Which ones were the most impressive?

The breaks within the Super Bowl were riddled with Super Bowl Ads. Some caught our eye, while others fell short of amusement.

Some of the most memorable Super Bowl Ads, according to the public, have been: Rocket Mortgage's Ad featuring Jason Momoa, the Snickers ditch, and Mountain Dew's Ad.

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In Rocket Mortgage's Ad, it begins with Jason Momoa driving past paparazzi on his way home. Momoa then asks "What does home mean to me? Its's my sanctuary, the one place on earth where I can truly be myself". Then, it is revealed that Momoa is a balding, shriveled person who is wearing a wig and a prosthetic arms and torso. He then says "Home is where you feel the most comfortable, and Rocket Mortgage helps you feel comfortable financing that home.

In the Snickers' Ad, Snickers announces that the world is in trouble; grown-ups are riding scooters on the sidewalks, dumb names are being given to newborns, and the government continues to invade our privacy. Therefore, Snickers suggest that the only way to save the world be to dig up a big hole and drop an enormous Snickers bar inside. This Ad was simple, yet witty.

In the Mountain Dew Ad, they ran a parody of The Shining, which Bryan Cranston takes on the Jack Torrance role, and wanders through a house with an axe in one hand and a bottle of Mountain Dew Zero Sugar in the other. Cranston then states " Come out, come out, wherever you are! I've got new Mountain Dew Zero Sugar!" Cranston chops through a door, which reveals a terrified woman. Instead of terrorizing her, he just simply hands her a Mountain Dew.

There were many more ads that caught our eye. For the most part, we can say that the Super Bowl did good this year with the ads.
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