The Carters Take a Seat

Queen B, Jay-Z and their daughter Blue Ivy got in formation on Sunday night when they were spotted sitting down during the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV. Sitting only a few rows away from  the field, they were clearly unamused by the fact that they were the only ones in their section sitting down.

This move is quite a surprise to many people due to the fact that Jay-Z and his Roc Nation company recently entered a partnership with the NFL for social events and activism. Jay-Z received a lot of backlash considering that he is one of the biggest supporters of  ex-49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Although the rapper is working with the NFL, this move seems to be his way of showing that he still stands behind his community.

Once the controversial video of the family was posted, people went to social media to let out their frustrations against the action, as they always do. However, no one stands a chance against the Beyhive. Fans once again proved their loyalty to their idol as they defended the Carters and their decision. The couple has not responded to any of the comments and remain unfazed.

-Kayla Smith
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