The Coronavirus and Its International and Economic Impacts

Kyle Snipes
The deadly Coronavirus has found its way to other major countries across the world including Italy, South Korea, and most recently, Germany. For the first time since the virus’ outbreak, the amount of cases found outside of China has exceeded the number of individual cases within the country. 
Also, Latin America experienced its first confirmed case of the virus making it present on almost all continents.

The virus has had an uncontained outbreak throughout the Middle East and Europe and is hastily coming towards the U.S. as new cases have been confirmed within our country. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned Americans to prepare for the spreading of the virus saying that it's a matter of when it spreads, rather than if. The slightest bit of preparation being done so far is a reallocation of funds to fight the spread of the virus that was originally for the ebola outbreak. 

This massive spreading of the virus has also had an economic impact as it led the stock markets to go into a frenzy with a 5-day downward slide. This is due to investors assuming that the outbreak will put a halt to U.S. and global economic growth. Due to this, stocks within the U.S. have lost nearly $2.1 trillion in value.

However, even though the virus is spreading and has been deemed deadly; its effects have been minimal when seen on a grand scale. For the most part, it's not really much to be worried about, but enough to make you make sure you’re washing your hands constantly.

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