A Day in the Life: Quarantine

When my school first notified everyone that we had to go home due to the coronavirus pandemic, my initial reaction, like mostly everyone else’s was  "Yessss I’m going home!” I never packed so fast in my life.
Now here I am. Today marks my 10th day of being in quarantine, and I must say that the boredom is unbearably real. I’ll give a glimpse of what a day in quarantine in myself looks like.

I started my day off by connecting to my first online class via Blackboard Ultra. The class was at seven in the morning and I had just wakened up before I connected to the class, so I was definitely serving the pajamas and hair bonnet combo.  
After that class, I had three more classes: one at ten in the morning, the other at 1 in the afternoon, and the last at three in the afternoon.

Throughout this period of quarantine, I have been spending my free
on either finishing up class work or watching Netflix. In terms of binge-watching, I have not been able to fully attach myself to a series, yet. This is mainly because I would have to cut my Netflix-watching short due to demands of chores being thrown at me. But when I get the chance to, I will definitely catch up on season two of “All American”. But, if there’s any suggestions out there, I would love to hear them!

For today, my day consisted of staying in the house. Because I have been in the house of a majority of this quarantine period, there has been days where I stepped outside just to get a bit of fresh air. As an introvert and a natural homebody, I did not think that it would bother me to stay at home, but I realize that it can certainly be unbearable at times.

Overall, this quarantine period has been going alright, to say the least. The bright side of all of this is that quality family time is being spent. Although this may feel grueling and unbearable to some, we all have to remember that our safety is the top priority here. With that being said, I hope everyone stays safe, and continue to practice good hygiene and appropriate social distancing!

- Nyle Paul

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