An Update on Coronavirus Victims

Amani Madyun

Coronavirus Update
Over the past few weeks, cases of the Coronavirus have grown rapidly. Cities and states are shutting down, while others are on strict curfews. Because the number is growing so fast, brows are being raised in regards to how the recovery process is going for those with the virus. There have been several videos and posts of people giving their feedback. Some mentioned they were recovering well, while others were in the hospital hooked up to breathing tubes. Basketball player Rudy Gobert posted a tweet updating his followers on his symptoms.
Other celebrities like Tom Hank’s wife, Rita Wilson, shared a video of her enjoying a book a week after discovering she had the virus.
On another note, there are people in hospitals across the country sharing their stories from their hospital beds, isolated from the world for two weeks. CBS This Morning, shared a video of several patients telling their stories. 
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