Colleges and Universities closing due to recent Coronavirus pandemic

Kyle Snipes

Many colleges and universities across the United States are closing their campuses and transferring their in-person class meeting times to online classes. They’re doing this as a precautionary measure to limit the spreading of the virus for at least 14 days to surpass the lifespan of the virus.


Institutions including Howard University, Florida Agricultural A&M University, as well as Harvard have officially made this switch. The primary reasoning is that even though a majority of the student population will more than likely not be affected by the virus in any life-threatening manner, the virus mainly causes problems for those that have any form of immunodeficiency: Primarily the elderly and young. Due to this, it only makes sense that these precautionary practices are taken to ensure that faculty and staff don't contract the virus from students who may be harboring it without even realizing it.

The temporary switch to online classes isn’t a necessary move to some, however, it potentially could save lives. 

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