Netflix sued by former “Central Park Five” prosecutor Linda Fairstein

Kyle Snipes

Netflix has responded to a lawsuit by Linda Fairstein for its alleged defamation of her character in the docuseries “When They See Us”. The company replied that the lawsuit was “without merit” while stating that the series, as well as its creators, will be vigorously defended.

The series told the story of a group of five black teenagers who were wrongfully accused of raping a jogger in 1989. The prosecutor at the time, Linda Fairstein, was the head of the district attorney’s sex crimes unit who would later make a strong case to imprison these teenagers some viewed as unethical.

The lawsuit was specifically against Netflix as well as the director of the series, Ava Duvernay. She claimed that the series painted her as “a racist, unethical villain who is determined to jail innocent children of color at any cost.”, as well as her portrayal in the series was a “complete fabrication” that can be “readily contradicted by evidence in the public record.” She is seeking reparations for the damages that the series has caused her as she claims that her career is over due to the series.
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