Oprah Accused of Alleged Involvement in Hollywood Sex Trafficking Ring

Kadence Perkins

As if a worldwide pandemic wasn’t enough to rattle peoples’ boots, television mogul Oprah Winfrey was accused of conspiring to traffic children late Tuesday evening. While people were inevitably tweeting about the coronavirus and its implications, the random theory sprouted from nearly out of thin air. The accusations included that she was planning to work and got caught at her Boca Raton mansion. 

The picture above is supposed to show the “raid” happening at Oprah’s mansion. All that is seen in this media are road construction signs, and no validated photo evidence has been found to support the claims against her. Turns out, she wasn’t even arrested.  So, why is this being brought up now, in the midst of a deadly pandemic? Well, the rumors are believed to have been brought to life by an anonymous conspiracy theorist community by the name of “QAnon”. After beginning on Reddit forums, the QAnon subreddit was banned for “inciting violence.” In a specific incident, the group detailed a supposed underground plot by President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller to take down a global pedophile ring led by Hollywood celebrities and the Democratic Party, most notably Hillary Clinton. The revelation of this “plot” was followed by many threats to kill Clinton, leading to the group’s subsequent banning.

How does this QAnon group relate to Oprah? Well, they recently are believed have typed a document that appears to characterize the coronavirus as a planned population reduction tool, and a distraction to keep people from inquiring about other matters in the world, specifically the arrests of popular figures for alleged pedophilia.

The sudden rumors about Oprah and her alleged illegal dealings have been found to be mostly baseless, and without any real foundation to prove their validity. There were also other celebrities supposedly named in this alleged pedophilia sting, including Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres. This was supported by a list of “Epstein Island” visitors—an allusion to those who participated in a pedophilic activity with Jeffrey Epstein—with an even more extensive and unfounded list of celebrity names on it. Despite these rumors being found to be almost certainly false, this was more than enough action for the month of March!  
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Eliza said...

Thanks for your information, it was really very helpfull.. popular instagram models

Unknown said...

Proof or stfu

Unknown said...

All those celebs are guilty as fuck they gonna burn for that shit

Anonymous said...

Hollywood has always been and still is the devil's playground. This is what happens when morally weak people have too much money.

Unknown said...

Devil and jewish. Those fucking pricks starts 2 WW in fact.

Anonymous said...

She's on house arrest for now anyway
The left and hollywood elites should've thought the pandemic out a little better because being stuck at home, those of us that are wake figured shit out really quick! You're all evil, very sick people for what you did to those children and you will burn in hell!!!!


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