Bernie Sanders Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race

Kyle Snipes


The democratic socialist beacon for millenials has officially dropped out of the Democratic Race for Presidency. After suffering many losses to Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., it was stated that he no longer saw a realistic path to the democratic nomination. He would also state that “I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win and which would interfere with the important work required of all of us in this difficult hour.” in response to those that would be upset or saddened by this extremely difficult decision.

The candidate brought American socialism to popular culture which led him to become a front-runner in the race beginning in early 2019. Sadly, due to the unfortunate events ailing the country currently, it was a sensible and unselfish decision for him to end his campaign.

Due to this, Biden has now become the presumptive candidate for the 2020 election to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency. 

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