Teddy Riley and Babyface host Instagram live battle after postponement

Kadence Perkins

The quarantine continues as we wait for things to return to normal. Despite the virus raging outdoors, however, nothing can stop people from finding ways to communicate and have a good time. Instagram Live has been many people’s primary source of entertainment, and has provided people with free concerts and inside looks into the lives of their favorite celebrities. This was most definitely the case with Babyface and Teddy Riley who, yesterday night, had an Instagram Live battle that drew up to 4 million viewers to watch them play the best hits from their careers. Both heavily-tenured veterans in R&B music, the two artists played their best hits from the 80’s and 90’s that they produced or performed, with Babyface offering even a live rendition of “When Can I See You”..(which may or may not have hit harder than it should’ve due to the circumstances.)
Despite the competition, the two superstars praised each other’s obvious talents and abilities, and many were happy to see this happen after the technical difficulties from the originally planned battle. This legendary matchup comes after the previously aired Timbaland vs. Swizz Beatz and RZA vs. DJ Preemo battles. Did you watch the battles? And if so, who do you think won the title for best producer/DJ? No matter what the choices, people are surely appreciative to have had the chance to see a once in a while collaboration of talents.

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