Treading in Funk

If dancing to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hit Uptown Funk wasn't already a work-out, Carson Dean found another way for us to lose our breath when the song comes on. The L.A. choreographer gave us some 2 (and 5) steps to go with the song via YouTube. But get this, he's on a treadmill!

In the viral video, Carson incorporated dance moves from the song's video along with some original action. He does a forward roll mid-air, showed his flexibility with some high kicks, high knees, a lot of arm movement, and twists. You're tired just reading this, right? 
The video now more than 2-million views and was only published just a few days ago. Its popularity could be compared to Uptown Funk's success on the Billiboard charts, peaking at #1 for 11 weeks straight. Carson Dean isn't the only one whose video instantly went viral, while expressing the need for exercise along with the song. Michelle Obama recently performed a fun routine to Uptown Funk on Ellen for her "Let's Move!" campaign which has also gained 2 million views after a couple days. 
Carson's treadmill routine has already been remade by brave souls who aren't afraid to let uptown funk give it to 'em. 
Asha Stewart

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