Who is the Emanuel AME massacre suspect Dylann Storm Roof?

Update: The Emmanuel AME massacre suspect has been arrested in Shelby, North Carolina

Dylann Storm Roof, the alleged shooting suspect of the Emmanuel AME church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina was arrested in Shelby, North Carolina. After attending bible study services for an hour at the church, the gunman opened fire on the parishioners leaving eight dead on the scene, and one who died later at the hospital. Little is known of the shooter, he is a 21-year-old White male from Lexington, South Carolina, medium build and blonde haired. As pictures and information was gathered though, what seemed to be a sinister plot to target African Americans was revealed.

When Roof was identified as the alleged suspect, pictures began surfacing of the young Roof clad in a black jacket equipped with flags and patches. The donning of such patches does not sit very well with some people. One of the patches on the jacket was the former Rhodesian flag. Rhodesia is the former name of Zimbabwe, a country that practiced its own form of Apartheid, or segregation prior to the 1980s. To Zimbabweans, the Rhodesian flag is the equivalence to the Confederate flag. Many feel that the flag is a symbol of bigotry and racism. So who is Dylann Roof? With the picture that surfaced along with testimonials from parishioners that claim Roof stated he was “here to kill Black people,” Dylann Roof was a strongly disturbed individual who wanted to act out his hatred on people of color. Authorities believe that Roof acted alone, but in the state of South Carolina where there are more than 19 known hate groups, his actions have been identified as a hate crime.

- Mahogany Waldon
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