Spontaneous combustion? Bill Nye fires back at mean tweets

Bill Nye is one of the coolest scientists known to man. But this doesn’t excuse him from facing the fire every now and then. Yes, even Bill Nye the Science Guy has haters. After reading some not so nice posts on twitter about himself, he decided to clap back in the most iconic way. In a recent youtube video, the Science Guy read outloud mean tweets about his legendary show. It is no surprise that he had some pretty clever responses. nye.jpg

Another user posted, “I hate watching bill nye videos I’d rather watch paint dry.” Bill Nye simply responded with, “Let me ask you something. Does it dry from the top first and the bottom later, or does it try from the bottom first and the top later? You could find out. You could observe it for yourself.” For more of his classic responses, check out the video, it will make you laugh!


This video was also a way to promote the kickstarter campaign for The Bill Nye Film. Two of his fans, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, are working hard to make the documentary about Bill Nye a success. The overall theme of the film is revolved around Bill’s quest to change the world with science. You can also expect to witness David and Jason’s experiences as they follow Bill around during his tour of the world. One major thing he will be advocating is climate change. He may have some haters, but there is no doubt that his fans are excited about the upcoming documentary about their favorite science guy!

-Alexandria Moreland
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