Big Ang RIP

Mob Wives star Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola died this week after losing her battle to stage IV lung and brain cancer. A friend of Raiola, Vinnie Medguno confirmed on her Twitter that she peacefully ended her fight with cancer. She was 55-years-old. 

Surrounded by her friends and family during her passing, nothing but love and support was around as the family began to come to terms with this terrible reality. "YOU, (her fans) were some of the most special people in the world and she loved you immensely."


Big Ang was diagnosed with throat cancer in March 2015. Doctors did two surgery attempts to stop the cancer by removing a lemon sized tumor from her throat. Friends and family thought her troubles were long gone only to be stripped of that happiness after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer  that spread to her lungs and brain. 

Although the star recently told Dr. OZ that she recently split from husband Neil Murphy because he 'never stepped up to the plate' he was amongst her immediate family and closest friends to spend her last moments with her. She is survived and remembered by her two children Raquel and Anthony, sister Janine, six grandchildren, and thousands of fans who've grown to love her as the bubbly, party girl, don't take no mess mob wife. 
-Aliya Drake
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