Kanye Fashion Week Round Two

In Kanye West fashion at NYFW 2015, West ruffled a few feathers when he stirred up the scheduled and planned a last minute debut of Yeezy Season 2 during Fashion Week. This year, Yeezus decided to do things a little differently. With a new year, a new album and fashion line dropping at the same time, why not combine the reveal and do it on the biggest stage in NYC, Madison Square Garden?
You can get tickets for the February 11th event and see Yeezy Season 3 for a cool starting price of $330.00. No money, no worries the show is streaming in select theaters, allowing fans to still be involved in his special day. During the fashion show, contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft will perform.
Look for the unnamed album to drop February 11th as well.
-Jaida Bayton
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