Finding Dory: The Movie We’ve All Been Waiting For

      After a 13 year wait, Finding Nemo die-hard fans are excited for a much anticipated sequel! By no surprise, part two of Finding Nemo, Dory has attracted more adults than children! The sequel graced theaters June 17th, and parents have been talking about how much they loved it, ever since.
      Critics and viewers are also raving about the film, saying that “the 13 year wait was well worth it”. ‘90s babies all over, are boasting about the movie, jokingly saying that they won't allow any kids to get in their way at the theater. Some are even volunteering to take a few kids with them to see the film!
       The movie has grossed $100 million, and is expected to knock Central Intelligence out of the lead. So far, the movie has been rated an 8.2 out of 10. Let's see what happens, after it's been out in theaters for a while, shall we?

Ashley Lambert
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