The Legendary Ross Family

Legend and diva Diana Ross is still coming out with fierceness and class! From her famous role as Dorothy in The Wiz, to her recently landed gig as the headliner for the Essence Music Festival, Diana has served us nothing less than beauty, talent, and poise!
Aside from her career, Diana has five amazing children: Tracee Ellis Ross, Evan Ross, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Chudney Ross, and Ross Naess. Each of her children have become successful in multiple industries.
Known for her role in Girlfriends, Reed Between the Lines, and recently Black•ish, Tracee Ellis Ross has made her mark as an actress and recently won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Television.
Known for his role as "Ant", in ATL, Evan Ross is working on a new and upcoming movie titled, Skate God, which is scheduled to come out in June this year.
Rhonda Ross Kendrick is currently on tour for her music and will be performing at the Howard Auditorium.

- Raven Able
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