Women Coming Together is NOW!!

With the recent new wave of women coming together from all across the country, “Something very transforming is happening. Women are saying “zero tolerance. No more.” is what House of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Sunday afternoon. The statement was made in regards to Michigan Representative John Conyers request to step aside as Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee due to investigation of sex allegations on him. Unfortunately for Conyer there were two women that stepped to the plate and profiled him as the person guilty of these sick scandal.  This only showing that women are finding the courage to step up and let their voices be heard.

Along with these women that have stepped up, another strong lady named Susan Ingram has faced the unfortunate event of a harassment in what some may say is the most vulnerable state mind and body. While Susan Ingram was going to her seventieth Massage Envy appointment with the same masseuse, James Deiter, she experienced something awful. While laying face down, Ingram experienced the grouping of her breast, Deiters erect penis grind on her body while he slide his fingers in and out of her vagina. Ingram stated she was frozen upon disbelief until the session was over. To recap Massage Envy is not only the first but the Largest chain of massage franchises in the U.S. With their mission statement promising a trustworthy service for an affordable price, the manual and menu print must of had a miss print. Unless there were prior conversations of such unprofessional and disrespectful behavior, the consequence of the actions Dieter decided to act on need to be addressed. Just like Pelosi stated “ ‘zero tolerance. No more. Stand on it! When asked about the assault Deiter fessed up and also cried for help, literally “I need help.”
Although it may seem small to mass media, there is still something positive brewing with women finding the courage to utilize the movement to feel comfortable enough to speak up and let their voices be heard.. Not to long ago social media started its own trending topic. Women and men all over were sending tweets and posting Instagram pictures with #METOO. Not taking long for social media to erupt such a topic, over night, the trending thread was booming with experiences and stories of sexual assault experiences from women. The movement became a collective for women to share an experience and also work with others to move forward in a positive mindset after being emotionally displaced. At this event women from all over Virginia were invited to come give their helpful tips on pushing forward after being harassed or assaulted.

There are groups right now gathering and multiplying to form help and support just for you. Speak up and let your voice be heard. Be Strong, but most of all come together because there is never a better time than NOW!!

  • Christian Parrish

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