'Black Panther' Claws Competition in Box Office Sales

Director of the #1 film in America, Ryan Coogler, has changed the game forever. So much so, even Oprah is talking about it. Queen Winfrey tweeted Saturday night, “It’s Phenomenal!! Layers and layers of it. Wakanda ForEveeeerrrr! #BlackPanther.” If Oprah says it, you know it’s true but, the numbers aren’t lying either.

The hottest Marvel Studios movie broke over 5 different records this weekend. The film received a presidential $192 million in just 3 days and is expected to reach $218 million plus for the 4-day weekend. This film has set the record for biggest President’s Day weekend opening ever leaving the 2016 “Deadpool” record of $152 in the dust. Not to mention, this is the biggest opening for a black director. Now the #1 movie in the world, Black Panther is one of two Marvel movies to receive an A+ CinemaScore. People, believe the hype! This movie is incredible!

At this point, if you haven’t seen Black Panther, you’re wrong. #Wakandaforever

India Anderson
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