Lewinsky is Back!

From a White House mistress to a #MeToo Actvitist, Monica is back and feeling comfortable. 22 year-old Lewinsky was the face of a White House sex scandal with President Bill Clinton in 1998. Now, 20 years later, she’s speaking out about her scandal and has a lot to say about men in power.

Lewinsky recently wrote an essay for Vanity Fair speaking out on the #MeToo movement and knocking down men who use their power for pleasure. In the essay she explains how she now feels comfortable speaking about her past and the trauma she’s felt due to the plethora of women coming forward in conjunction with #MeToo.

“Given my PTSD and my understanding of trauma, it’s very likely that my thinking would not necessarily be changing at this time had it not been for the #MeToo movement - not only because of the new lens it has provided but also because of how it has offered new avenues toward the safety that comes from solidarity.”  

~Devin R. Williams
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