Priyanka Chopra still breaking down Barriers

Bollywood star and one of India’s highest paid celebrities, Priyanka, is having a hard time transitioning
from Bollywood to Hollywood.

The actress, singer and film producer made her debut to the American entertainment industry with her
debut as an FBI agent on the hit American TV series, Quantico. With much success in India and being
former Miss World in 2000, Priyanka states that she didn’t need American TV to make her famous.
Priyanka is also the first South Asian woman to get top billing on a U.S. network drama, her entire
career she has been breaking barriers, but Hollywood still thinks she has a long way to go.

The Baywatch star was recently turned down for a role in an American film due to the color of her skin.
Although this incident had a major effect on the actress, Priyanka shares that she is not new to
discrimination and sexism in America. Despite how brown she is, the actress told interviewers that she
believes in herself and her art so she will continue to break barriers in hollywood and set the tone for
actresses just like her.

~TaTyana Wilson

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