Lebron James' reverse dunk almost identical to Kobe Bryant's 2001 dunk

On Thursday, February 6th, the Los Angeles Lakers played against the Houston Rockets. Lebron James did what is referred to as a double-clutch reverse dunk off of a pass from teammate Avery Bradley. This left many fans talking because not only was it a stellar move, it appears to be an almost-identical dunk that Kobe Bryant threw in the November 2001 game against the Sacramento Kings.

LeBron James in awe of unplanned Kobe Bryant tribute dunk

James claims that although he has looked back on the tape of Kobe performing that dunk numerous of times, his slam dunk on Thursday's game was not an intentional action in tribute to Bryant.

A spliced video that shows a side-by-side perspective of both James and Bryant performing the dunk was posted on the Lakers' Twitter account by Lakers' videographer Josh Williams, which then set social media ablaze.

Although intentional, it was a rather touching and remarkable way to tribute such a legend.

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