The REAL Renegader

Tik Tokers everywhere have been doing a dance known as “Renegade” for a while now, but little did they know they were doing it all wrong! 

After months of her dance going viral and being changed, Jalaiah Harmon, a teen dancer from Fayetteville, Georgia and also the original creator of the Renegade dance, finally received the credit she deserves. 

It all began when K Camp, the rapper who’s song the dance is to, posted a tweet thanking Harmon for making the song “Lottery” the biggest in the world. Jalaiah quickly rose to fame and began receiving nods from people all over social media. 

Jaliah Harmon has now been given many opportunities to show her talent. Just this weekend, she performed her dance at the NBA All Star Game. 

Harmon has also collaborated with other famous dancers on TikTok to do the dance. She currently has 1.1 million followers on the app, where she posts clips showing off her skills!

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