Celebrities vs. Coronavirus

Amani Madyun

Over the past few weeks, the Coronavirus has slowly been making its way to the United States. Cases are growing rapidly and people are starting to prepare for what’s to come. Several people are being extremely cautious when it comes to their health and safety by not only keeping themselves and their surroundings clean, but wearing face masks for extra protection. A few celebrities like Kim Kardashian-West and OJ Simpson posted photos of themselves wearing masks. ../6229011a7b162daf41992cd14625108e.jpg
    But that’s not it. Entertainer Ciara was forced to cancel her show in Texas because of the virus concerns. Because the singer is pregnant, her doctor ordered her to play it safe and sit this one out.
The virus is spreading quickly as time goes on. To avoid catching it, wash your hands thoroughly, avoid touching around your mouth, nose, and eyes, and most importantly, cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing to keep others around you safe, too. If you’ve traveled outside of the country, or feel like you may possess flu-like symptoms please be proactive and see a doctor.  

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